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Challenging Myself to 50 Blog Posts in 2024

I've always felt bad that I don't write more online.

Good things happen to just about everyone that publishes regularly.

I beat myself up: I should have started blogging in college. Or film school. Or when I saw how much it helped at Tortuga. Definitely, I should've chronicled making a movie.

Enough. It's a new year, and today's my birthday. Time to fix this and see what comes of it.

I'm going to publish 50 blog posts this year. About one a week. But I'm allowing myself to publish more than one per week or skip a week. As long as I hit the goal.

One thing that's always prevented me from writing more is that I can't pick a subject or theme for my blog. Should I only write about screenwriting? Filmmaking? How about business stuff? Travel? Or the tips, tricks, and hacks I'm always sharing with my friends?

Screw it. I've always been a jack of all trades. Being a generalist is my strength, but also holds me back. No reason to try to change it with what I write about.

Here are some things I think I'll write about:

I hope that you'll follow along and that I'll meet some new friends.

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